Crazycat designs nice items that make you dream and color everyday life. Intended for the child but also for the older ones, they invite to take a healthier look at the environment and call for freedom to be oneself, to choose what is right, to find its place in the world while respecting environment and its diversity, to give of one’s self and to take responsibility.

Pilot girl

Crazycat is a Belgian brand trying to reconcile design, ecology and ethics in order to create colorful and functional objects. Its major concern is also to provide children with quality material that stimulates the senses and the imagination and that encourages them to take responsibility from a very young age.

Our values

Crazycat is convinced that design and ecology can go hand in hand. So it commits to only use recycled paper for its stationery line!

It works with European workshops committed to reduce their environmental footprint (solvents-free and heavy metals-free dyes, vegetable inks for offset, waste management, recycling, etc.) or favoring solidarity work. The textile range includes linen accessories, GOTS certified organic cotton and Oek-Tex prints.

Finally, it donates a percentage of its sales to organizations that improve the life of children and the planet. So, smile: you participate!

Thanking children
Business girl

After getting a degree in art history, Emel works as a coach before going back to what really matters to her: Art. Wife of a lovely geek and mother of two nice monsters and a crazy cat, she decides to found the Crazycat brand. Since she is a mom, Emel places great importance on ecology, so Crazycat sums up her values: it tries to use noble materials that are safe for children and the planet. The objects it offers are design, colorful, fun, cute or girly while being functional. Finally, the brand commits to donate a percentage of its sales to organizations that are dear to its creator. Reconciling design and ecology is the motto of a brand that wants to be authentic, spontaneous and committed.